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Native to South and Southeast Asia, the Majestic Gaur is one of the largest land animals on the Planet. The Gaur Represents Boldness and Strength. Gaur Spice Whiskey is a small batch American Whiskey that fuse East and West Cultural traditions. Spice Whiskey draws from the ancient Indian practices of spice-mixing. We have blended cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutmeg with complex Rye mash to bring together these two worlds in a perfect union. It delivery a versatile and unique product that delivers a complex flavors and a silken texture.


Sir Watsons Whiskey

SIR WATSON is an authentic Whiskey with Natural Flavors that is anything but ordinary. Our Whiskey with Natural Flavors has been crafted to put a unique twist on classic cocktails. Utilizing the most advanced techniques in flavor tech-
nology we have developed a premium spirit that is remarkably smooth with a fascinating flavor profile.



Our 4 month old barrel-proof bourbon consists of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% barley malt, all high quality natural ingredients mash bill. We delivery an extremely smooth product comparable to much older, barrel-aged bourbon whiskies. We commit ourselves to the best taste, quality, and value of 90 proof American bourbon on the market! Trust us—but more importantly, trust your palate.

Cavalry Bourbon is the evolution of greatness. Cavalry Bourbon represents the transcendence of modern bourbon as it emerges into a new era of distillation techniques. While keeping true to the origins of traditional whiskey-crafting techniques, Cavalry does not shy away from embracing the modern age. Using technological advances to produce a high-quality bourbon of exquisite texture and taste, Cavalry Bourbon is a cleaner spirit with a reduced alcoholic “bite” balancing exquisitely on the line between modern technology and artisanal tradition. Taste leads to Charge.


IBEX Vodka

Ibex – A breed of wild mountain goat residing in the european alps and the himalayas. Since the roman times, these animals have been revered for their miraculous healing powers. As a result, the ibex were hunted to extinction. But today, their numbers are growing around the world. Our vodka, in flavor and nature, mirrors the free-roaming ibex, Nimble. Various. Adventurous. From one spirited heart to another, we invite you to indulge in this libation of curious flavor. Cheers!